Member of EDGF are the European Federations, which represent Disc Golf in their country. These could be either national disc golf associations and disc golf committees and groups of European national flying disc associations.

Requests to become member of EDGF must be addressed to the board (see right hand section). Attach to your mail the following:

  • Copy of protocol in which the membership request has been approved
  • Copy of constitutions
  • Name of President
  • Main contact (address, phone, email)
  • Logo of Association (jpg or png, minimum width 500 Pixels)

The board admits new members and informs the General Assembly accordingly. In any case, the request to become member of EDGF must be approved either by the Board or General Assemby of the national association, whatever is mandatory according to the statutes. A written confirmation will be sent to the new member as soon as the request has been approved by EDGF.

Membership Fees

Currently there is no membership fee!

However, the annual dues of members shall be determined by the General Assembly, upon recommendation on the board. The General Assembly may in its discretion offer memberships on another than annual basis, and shall determine appropriate sanctioning fees for events.

Also read the Q&A page for further information.